100% made in Italy

100% made in ACOP Components

We produce in series or in just-in-time

We design for sustainability

We produce wood or veneered doors for the furniture industry, for kitchens, living rooms, wardrobes, bathroom furniture and contracts, in series and in just-in-time.

Classic Doors

We produce 5-pieces smooth or veneered doors. Each production phase is done by us, without making use of external suppliers.

A digitalized warehouse with 1.500 mc of aged wood elements in ash, durmast, walnut and several fine essences, that guarantee a constant and qualitative raw material flow to the production.

The Modern Doors

All our industrial processes are engineered and oriented to a contemporary design. They are the outcome of deepened research on materials and surfaces finishes, done with a meticulous attention to the detail.

Our production processes are digitalized and high-tech, developed by trained and qualified staff. These are indispensable factors to produce a quality product.

The Luxury Doors

Our luxury doors hold the refinement and the personality of wooden furniture, always ready to astonish through the reveal of charming details that create an evocative atmosphere.

The language of the wood is enriched by the gold and silver finishes, by the friezes, the small columns, the bowed elements, the drapes and the decorative frames that enhance the mastery of our staff.

Doors for Project Contract

We provide complete solutions for the contracts.

We provide a complete service to the Contractor, so to deliver the products in the time agreed, respecting the technicalities defined in the design phase. Thus, we turn into a service supplier, not just a product supplier.

We can partecipate in the design and in the mock-up creation.

We study the feasibility of the project with the customer and we evaluate the economic aspects of it, suggesting innovative solutions if possible, respecting the project specificities and guaranteeing the post-sale service.

We develop the 100% of our production processes
within our departments.

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SQM covered

Environment and sustainability

During the production phases, we test our products through performance tests certified by the CATAS of San Giovanni al Nastione (UD), which is the biggest Italian institute for the research and the certification for the wood industry.

CATAS certification
CATAS certification

Reduction of the environmental impact

Our veneer plants have a reduced environmental impact.

Our veneer plant has a state of the art system that allows to reduce the emissions.

High energetic recycling

The machinery – also called heat regenerative oxidizer – transforms the polluting emissions in natural products as water and carbon dioxide (Brofind).

We produce in SERIES or JUST IN TIME

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Classic Doors

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Luxury Doors

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Project contracts